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        My therapeutic process encompasses one's mind, body, and spirit.  As a therapist, I believe that when you are at peace with yourself and truly love yourself, it is virtually impossible to be self-destructive. I have had 15 years postgraduate education, but more importantly, I have utilized my life experiences to gain the empathy necessary to help others.  My education has given me the insight into the dysfunction I have seen throughout my own life.  I have learned from the losses I have suffered by appreciating the people, places, and things, I have taken for granted. Whenever I have had the opportunity to help someone, I give the glory to God and he will always be my ultimate supervisor.  He has shown me that nothing is ever hopeless!

A Therapist's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

The career I have chosen is not an easy one, and You know that I am resposible for life altering decisions.  I must deal with one's most vulnerable feelings.  I ask that You guide my every word as not to make an error in judgement.  I ask for the gifts of empathy, sensitivity, and compassion, along with knowledge to treat their needs.  Lord, may You always speak through me, making them aware that no situation is ever hopeless.  Make me a good listener, never overlooking vital information.  Do not allow me to be so tough that I cannot be weakened, or so weak that I am not strong enough for my clients.  I ask that You Lord, are the center of all that I am, and all that I do, so in serving others, I am serving You.  Bless all who come to me for comfort and guidance, and never let my job become routine.  When my work is completed, I pray they will find their way back to you, as You are the way, and in every situation, the answer, Amen.

Written By:  A Marchese

"Lessons Learned" by Carrie Underwood